Friday, April 9, 2010

Another Dog Show, but the coolest venue EVER!!

Well, I suppose the premium and judging program for the Kachina Kennel Club and Arrowhead Kennel Club dog shows said it... and I read it... but today when I drove to the dog show, it was one of those "moments" where you think, "REALLY!?!?"

Oh yes, friends. Garrison and I are exhibiting this weekend INSIDE the University of Phoenix Stadium. The coolest feeling ever is to be down on the ground looking up and seeing the empty seats, players names surrounding the stadium, and I swear once or twice today I heard the first few notes of the NFL theme song. OH wait. That was just me singing it.

It is soooooooo cool!!!!!!!! Garrison put on his pre-game face on this morning and would have enjoyed playing ball inside... but no, no. We can't steal Kurt Warner's historic late-career thunder! ;-)

I learned today that the actual football field is natural and artificial grass with a built in irrigation system... and the ENTIRE FIELD is on a track that pushes into the stadium... or outside. No... Arizona Cardinal fans, don't worry. When #33 goes down on the field this season, he's not gonna get up saying, "Man... do you smell dog pee?" The entire football field has been rolled outside. The dog show is on the concrete that resides underneath the incredible field. I'm not necessarily a Cardinals fan... but I am a football fan... and a sports fan... and obviously a dog lover... which is why I created Sportz Dawgz two years ago. I like to look at this weekend being one step closer to getting my dog world and my dog toy world integrated into the sports world.

The venue itself is new to both me and the Gman, but he was ecstatic to see his friends Gina and KayCee Klang (Briard folks that we set up with in Tucson a few weeks ago) and then, oh happy day, Grandmommy flew into town! His cute little nub wiggle-waggled non-stop when he saw Grandmommy at the airport curbside and he showered her with special Gman kisses. He has chosen to sleep on her bed and next to her bed tonight.

So we're looking forward to showing again tomorrow INSIDE University of Phoenix Stadium (aka Cardinals Stadium), having Grandmommy around, talking about wedding stuff and possibly enjoying more Mexican food!

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