Sunday, September 12, 2010

How life changes

We're now 28 days away from getting married and wow, how life changes. Two and a half months ago I didn't think I'd end up writing this blog and yet I find myself saying silently, "Really? Truly? You didn't? Yeah, right."

You see... Rod flew off to New Jersey today for the AKC Fall Delegate meeting today. He'll be gone until Tuesday. It's a short time for him to be gone. No big deal. But I must say that I have gotten very used to having him around all the time.

There are certain perks that will come about from our relationship after we're married, so I don't want some of you to think that I'm missing something basic and animalistic - I miss the sheer presence and companionship of this wonderful man I look forward to calling "husband" in 4 weeks.

One of the things I find comical with Rod not being around for less than 24 hours is that all 4 dogs don't seem to mess around with me. They have a total blast. They are all cuddly and cozy and they actually get super goofy and play. And this isn't actually abnormal behavior when Rod's around. But I truly think we're prepared for having 2-legged children because I find that our dogs know they can be goofy and silly and non-serious with Rod and with me? I have rules and regulations and they must be kept or you will not be happy. If you abide by the simplest of rules (for dogs it's called not peeing or pooping in my house and being polite and not biting off fingers when getting a cookie) then life is awesome all the time.

Don't get me wrong, folks. Rod doesn't put up with crap behavior either. But with the two of us in a house, it's a different dynamic. And I find that our dogs run to Rod as if he'll be the same goofy and "I didn't realize I was doing it wrong" sorta partner in crime. Except he's not. The few times some events have happened either from the Bouvier or the Scotties or both, Rod has put his foot down.

There's just something about his demeanor that makes them think he might be more willing to play than to discipline.

No matter what, I loved having Nickel Pickle (aka the Piddler and the ONLY dog not on my black list today) curl up on my lap or by my feet multiple times today. Yes, he barked at Grandmommy every time she made a weird noise or coughed or sneezed, but I guess he is alerting us all to that foreign noise. When I make noises like that now, he gives me a half-cocked look as if to say, "Seriously? I know it's you! But if you tell me it isn't, I'll get 'em!"

Every day I fall more and more in love with our Scotties - even when they "try" me. Every day I appreciate the personality of the herding breeds and especially the Bouvier that reasons out things.

And with every passing minute I fall more and more in love with the man I'm going to marry in 28 days because I never thought I'd find someone who was as passionate about the same things in life with a similar sense of humor and the same commitment to communication so that we can work - and all I hear is that successful relationships are WORK - on our marriage and family life. But man it makes things easier when you both step out with a similar ideology and are just as excited to be partners and parents because of recognizing that the mindsets toward all of life are like-minded.

Enough for now. I don't know if I'll get more written before I get married, but let this be known - I am soooooooooo excited to be getting married next month! I NEVER thought I'd be getting married. It always freaked me out and made me wonder if I could actually go through with it. And now? I have never doubted being married to Rod, being his wife and a mother to our children.

It's a new journey. Totally untraveled by both of us. But equally exciting. WOWZA!!!!

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