Friday, February 5, 2010

It's raining. Ugh.

Well, it's Friday morning, the day before we leave on our February Road Trip (Road Trippin' across the USA... in my Honda Element with my Bouvier!) and it's raining in L.A. WHAT? AGAIN??

That means no park time for The Gman and a delay in his bathing, drying and grooming in preparation for being a clean and welcome house guest and a show pony in Indianapolis. Rain delays. They aren't just for baseball games anymore.

We do have new tires on the Element thanks to a generous gift from my parents. That took 3 hours yesterday which I wasn't anticipating, but it did hold me captive at Coco's for 3 hours so I have half of my tax prep completed.

And then I got a surprise text from one of Rod's sisters-in-law Sara. She is married to Rod's youngest brother Doug. Sara and Doug and their two small children Cort and Lyla are all out here in LA LA Land because Sara is at a conference/workshop for furthering education or something that has a really nice official title. Hopefully she'll read this blog and post a comment to share what the official title/purpose of her trip is. Heh heh. Interactive blogging to keep Pilar's facts straight. LOVE it. Sara is currently teaching 7th grade in Wichita, Kansas and is one of 7 teachers from her district that have flown to Los Angeles to present what they are doing in their district.

We met up at the Hollywood Renaissance Hotel and then walked over to the California Pizza Kitchen. Great place for kids to get pizza and pasta... and the adults to have beer, wine and good food.

Doug gets a door prize for being the first Ott brother of Rod's that I've met! One brother met... 5 more to go. And the parents. Eventually. (I'll think of what the door prize will be, Doug, and the next time I see you, I'll bestow you with your gift. Sara should also get one for having the job that brought you all out here and she is the first Ott family member to text me.... besides Rod, of course.)

Doug also has excellent coloring skills.Lyla put him to the task last night.

What a treat to be able to meet some of Rod's family in Los Angeles! I'm so glad it worked out!!

And now we must continue with our day of schlepping laundry down the rainy stairwell to wash and dry and start packing our suitcase... clean the house some more... and prepare Casa Fairview for our 3 week absence. Thank goodness the previous residents will be checking on the house while we're gone. God bless good neighbors!

And Garrison is bumming because of the rain. Poor, poor puppy. I bet he gets over it really soon.

Road Trippin' across the USA.... in my Honda Element with my Bouvier!!! :-D

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  1. Pilar, fun surprise to read your most recent blog post and find myself a character! I was at the America's Choice Conference for school improvement via assessment and data...and I got to present. Thanks for your good wishes and thoughts--they did some good because all went well.

    I don't twitter, but I do wonder how Garrison is doing on this trip? And I am ready to hear more about your Road Trippin'.

    It's fun to read your adventures! I hope you encounter sunshine and blue skies somewhere (we are home today with a snow day, so not in Kansas, but maybe somewhere else). :)